“Vikas was instrumental in setting up the LEAN & Industrial Engineering Practice in Hewlett Packard BPO Operations in India. I was at that time the Head of Operations. Vikas is a detailed oriented person and always looked at the business side of Lean. He always asked the question, “How will this work of mine impact business positively?” This made him quite different. He always approached a problem from the point of view of business. He is very practical in his approach, uses the latest techniques and drives for business results. My team and I found Vikas to be a pleasure to deal and work with.”

Ravichandran Venkataraman, Senior Vice President & Head of Global Business Services Hewlett Packard, Bengaluru, India Information Technology and Services

“Vikas is very focused and dedicated. He came and changed the work culture by leveraging manufacturing LEAN & Industrial engineering principles into the F&A Services business. Today we have big brand consulting companies offer this as a service which may cost millions of dollars! He rolls up his sleeves and gets into the trenches to be sure that Delivery, IE and Six Sigma are working towards the same objectives”.

Gopal Rajan, Vice President, IBM Bengaluru , India Outsourcing/Off shoring

“Vikas has a great balance of leadership and cultural sensitivity that makes him an extraordinary global leader. Vikas crafted and developed the global LEAN & Industrial Engineering function for HP BPO and Global Business Services that eventually set a standard in the sector/industry. It was both, challenging and joyful, to work for him. I personally learned a lot under his guidance ”.

Marco Castro, Manager, Intel Zapopan Area, Mexico Information Technology and Services

“I had the opportunity to work with Vikas at a crucial phase of HP’s shared services and outsourcing journey. The business was commercializing its service offerings and VIkas was brought in to help develop and implement a key capability of LEAN & Industrial Engineering. This was a unique and very new concept in the industry at the time. Vikas was able to create and adapt the methodology to meet the business requirements, he hired a terrific group of enthusiastic people, was successful in deploying the methodology and driving a significant cultural change across the organization. He was creative, committed, and knowledgeable and focused. He delivered strong financial, qualitative and quantitative results, and was instrumental in helping take HP’s shared services and outsourcing organization to a new performance level.”

Anshul Varma, Shared Services & Outsourcing KPMG Advisory ,Houston, Texas USA Management Consulting

“Vikas has been a great leader, people manager and thought leader. His thought leadership was visible when he established the LEAN & Industrial Engineering practice in Shared Services. In his role as Global Quality Head, he always wanted to go to the next level by making quantum jumps in what we did. He was on lookout for and supported new ideas. As a people manager, he was liked by the team and had the best interests of the team in his mind when making decisions. He is amongst the more genuine, passionate, committed, simple and straightforward persons I have met. I learnt a lot from him during my tenure with him. I wish him the best!”

Rituparn Bakshi, Sales & Sales Operations Customer Experience Head Bengaluru, India Information Technology and Services

“Vikas and team can drive efficiency and enhance performance anywhere, anyplace and anytime.”

Sridip Ganguli, Sales leader-Blue ocean Market Intelligence United Arab Emirates Management Consulting

“It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Vikas. He has a clear analytical mind, perfect partner mentality and execution focus. He has strong subject matter expertise and has been able to bring in some very good shop floor practices to off shoring industry. Vikas will make his manager proud and any organization he works for benefit.”

Sid Banerjee, Managing Director and India Head, Markit Noida Area, India
Financial Services

“Vikas has been a phenomenal operational excellence leader for HP-GBS who is credited with launching Lean & Industrial Engineering practices in HP-GBS and providing many value added support to the operations team globally. He has successfully mentored many professionals to be successful in their areas of work. As a person, he has a big heart and strongly believes in growing personal value system to grow oneself professionally. It is an honor to write a few humble words about him!!”

Sumit Mishra, BPO Senior Management ,Hewlett Packard Chennai Area, India Outsourcing/ Off shoring

“I had the pleasure of working with Vikas at HP.Vikas brought a very rigorous and objective approach to business and created a unique model to optimize the performance of a diverse array of services. He had great strength in understanding systems and simplifying complexity. Vikas demonstrated effective interpersonal skills leading to seamless collaboration and strengthened relationships at the workplace. I wish him the very best for his career.”

Anil Sharma, Founder at Leadedge Bangalore Area, India Human Resources

“Vikas and I have worked together at Hewlett Packard for several years. I found his implementation of classic Industrial Engineering & LEAN concepts to the Shared services industry as unique at the time and I think he should be among the pioneers in that context. I have found Vikas to be a straight forward, simple, committed and cheerful person and professional. Wishing him the very best for his personal and professional life”.

Rahul Biswari, Director – Operations at Hewlett-Packard Bengaluru Area, India Information Technology and Services

“Vikas, is full of creative ideas and methodologies. He has an eye for detail and a goal oriented person. His collaboration skills and professionalism speaks volumes about his attitude. In all he is a great human being.”

Vinod Kishinchand, Director – Supply Chain Operations, Hewlett-Packard Chennai , India
Outsourcing/Off shoring

“Vikas, is full of creative ideas and methodologies. He has an eye for detail and a goal oriented person. His collaboration skills and professionalism speaks volumes about his attitude. In all he is a great human being.”

Vinod Kishinchand, Director – Supply Chain Operations, Hewlett-Packard Chennai , India
Outsourcing/Off shoring

“It was great to know Vikas as a person and at work. He has a very clinical approach and consulting mindset towards large complex problem solving..He has been quite instrumental in pioneering new practices and methodologies at work…Wish you all the very best Vikas….

Minesh. Desai, AVP Transformation at TCS Bangalore Area, India Outsourcing/Off shoring

“Have vision to see what industry needs on productivity and process improvement front. You were able to bring Innovation in application of LEAN & Ind. Engg in transaction processing industries and though well ahead in time on need of same which is getting replicated in many similar companies”

Shiv Shanker, Business Process Competency Manager at UASC United Arab Emirates Maritime

“Vikas is an extrovert, well-rounded personality. I found his interest in speaking at international seminars on LEAN Six Sigma & Quality, teaching in B-School to be a welcome differentiator”.

Pramath Nath, HR Director at KPMG Bengaluru Area, India Management Consulting

“I do consider a great opportunity to work with Vikas. He’s an action man. His wide knowledge area is always a source of inspiration for the people working with him; I personally had a lot of lernings from his experience.”

Stefan Bogdan, Operational excellence Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc Bradford, United Kingdom


“It was a pleasure to work with Vikas on a specific project. He displayed in- depth knowledge on the subject and harnessed our team’s input in a pragmatic manner. I found him to be a good knowledge base for BPO industry especially in matters relating to processes and benchmarking. I wish Vikas all the best and hope to work with him again”.

Anshuk Sharma, Finance Manager, BP Finance London, United Kingdom Oil & Energy

“Vikas is a great motivator and a strategist. His skills to detail, motivate and lead an initiative in line with the strategic objectives is remarkable. He provides great clarity in thoughts and solutions that he advocates and any customer can entrust him with an engagement without any second thoughts. It has always been a wonderful learning opportunity for me to work with him”.

Vik Kingshuk Roy, Quality Lead at BT (British Telecom) Gurgaon, Haryana, India Outsourcing/Off shoring

“Vikas is very sincere & honest person, who believes in action more than words. He has a charismatic personality; he gets the things done with relative ease. He is master of driving productivity & Non-linear business growth since Whirlpool days. He is continuing the same passion to drive productivity @ HP also, not to forget that he is talking about Lean & Productivity at BPO, when these words were alien to the industry. I salute his achievement in both Service & Mfg industry and wish him all the best in all future endeavors”.

Sachin Agarwal, GBS India OPEX Leader at Hewlett-Packard Bengaluru Area, India Information Technology and Services

“A natural leader, Vikas is always looking out for white spaces and unchartered territories, and help business realize previously unseen opportunities. Working with Vikas is always learning & enriching experience – a win-win proposition for organizations, teams & individuals”.

Bhuvan Nadgonde, Business Excellence leader at GBS, HP Chennai Area, India Information Technology and Services

“Vikas is an outstanding professional having demonstrated capability in successfully leading the quality function of a large global organization. His process orientation and superb people management skills will be of immense value to any organization that he works for. Also, a very sincere and humble human being”.

Sandeep Kejriwal, Former MNC CFO, Management / CSR Consultant, CXO Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Writer Bengaluru Area, India Management Consulting

“Vikas is a thinking Manager who is an asset to any organization due to his sheer eye for detail and practical approach to work. He is a professional who can connect to his staff with ease and was their mentor rather than a typical Manager due to which he was very successful in all assignments. I wish him luck.”

Shauqui Salman, VP Administration Department , Union National Bank United Arab Emirates Banking

“Recall Vikas as a cheerful team player ..Thought the coil manufacturing shop that he managed had initiated some innovative manufacturing practices in those times”.

Ashish Kaul, Managing Director at Leica Microsystems, Danaher Corporation Mumbai, India Medical Devices

“I learned a lot from Vikas during my tenure in Whirlpool. I found Vikas to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Vikas is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He is a very good team leader and there is lot to learn from him.”

Kundan Sinha, Global Head – Kindle Content Operations Chennai Area, India Retail

“Vikas has a Hunger to achieve extraordinary & He sets a clear path to achieve that extra….. I have always found him full of enthusiasm & a Passion to excel. I wish him all the very best for his present & future endeavors.”

Puneet Dureja, Director at Ericsson India Gurgaon, India Telecommunications